Lohi Bher Wildlife Park being renovated

The Lohi Bher Wildlife Park is extended over 278 hectares. Its main attraction is Lion Safari, but sadly it is closed for a long time because of the assembly work and the occurrence of lion attack. Most visitors return without watching the lions because of the ramshackle state of roads. At many divisions, there is not even mark of a road and visitors keep away from moving forward because of these grounds. The fortune of Lohi Bher Wildlife Park is on the subject of changing after a couple of decades. As many as 18 new cages have by now been made for accommodating more fauna in addition to an aviary for birds. The park management is confident that the roads inside the park would be fixed soon, which would draw more visitors.

On being contacted by ‘The News’, Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Deputy Director Raja Javed said that extension and redecoration of park was on the move and most of the work has been completed. “The new safari spread over 40 hectares will abode wild leopards and other fauna species,” he said. He said it is true that roads inside the park are in a unfortunate state, but all roads will be repaired soon. Talking to ‘The News,’ a visitor, Syed Amir, said that the Lion Safari was the major attraction of the park, but it has been bunged down and the park management is not permitting anyone to go indoors the lion’s area.

Sources told ‘The News’ that all roads inside the park were put up 20 years back and there is no perception of fixing roads because of lack of funds. Only a small numbers of visitors trip the park and most of them go back for the reason that of poor condition of roads. Insiders said that not only the park, but many employees are also in misery because of lack of finances and not getting their wages for the last few months. But the superior authorities are not doing anything for the workers and the park.

Another tourist said that the park is missing the facility of drinking hose and proper cafeteria. He said that the park doesn’t have any walking track for people who want to visit the park on foot and get pleasure from the surroundings.


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