Rain Quail

The Water Quail does not have unless on primaries. The men has a dark-colored breast-patch and unique head design of non colored documents. The women is difficult to individual from women Typical Quail and Western Quail, although the destinations on the breasts are more gentle.

The contact is a metal chrink-chrink, regularly replicated days and times, and in the reproduction period also during the night. It is quite unmistakably unique from the contact of the Typical Greyish Quail. Breeding Months are overall Goal to August, but generally after the break of the southwesterly monsoon in May. Eggs are installed in a clean in the earth, sometimes in the open under a Euphorbia or similar shrub. A clutch system of 6 to 8 egg are installed, similar to those of Greyish Quail but lesser. Only the women incubates.

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