Astore Wildlife Sanctuary

lUCN Management Category: IV i.e. Managed Nature Reserve.

Geographical Location: Lies in the catchment area of Astore Nala, between Nanga Parbat (8,126m) to the west and the Plains of Deosai to the east, and about 11 km from the town of Bunji ie pproximately 35″38’N, 74″40’E. Approximate area is 414.72 sq. km. Altitude Varies from 1,212m to 6,060m.

History: (Time frame and Record of Organization) Astore sanctuary was announced a creatures haven on 22 Nov 1975. The sanctuary is continuous to Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary (414.57 sq. km) to the north-west.

Wildlife: This sanctuary is home to a small population of our national heritage, the Astore Markhor.

Other Reserves: Physical Functions Consists of durable and precipitous geography, mostly consisting of meta-sedimentary stones, schistose gneiss and quartzite intruded by some primary dykes. The place contains a series of sedimentary and meta-sedimentary and several kinds of igneous stones. Late cretaceous sediments overlay the natural diamond complicated, while quaternary remains, pond deposits, river pebbles and alluvium protect the bed mountain in valleys.

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