Snow Leopard

The present total population of snow leopards in the wild is estimated at around 4,000 in the world. The snow leopard has thick, wide great smoky greyish fur with black rosettes and destinations, and a very lengthy wide trail. Considering up to 75 kg (165 lb), it has huge, well-cushioned feet, a powerful chest area, and short forelimbs that allow it to range outcroppings great on coves. Further variations for high-altitude life involve lengthy hair with heavy, woolly underfur and an increased nose hole. It has been revealed to jump as far as 15 m (about 50′). Throughout its range, the snow leopard is mostly associated with extreme, dry, bumpy geography with plant or grassland crops. It is usually found at levels between 3000 – 4500 m (9800 – 14,800′). The snow leopard is an opportunistic predator. Its most common food contains outrageous lambs and goat’s, but it also takes marmots, pikas, hares and game wildlife (chukor partridge and snowcocks), as well as family lambs and Markhors.

The snow leopard can be crepuscular or night, seemingly with regards to the level of persecution by people. It is a great mountain climber and wants travelling along straight line functions such as significant ridgelines, gullies, and the platform or crest of damaged coves.


A female snow leopard usually has 2 – 3 canines. The canines eat their first powerful food when they are about 2 several weeks old, and monthly later begin to go by their mom when she goes tracking. They search with the mom at least through their first winter weather. Mature snow leopards are usually individual. Individuals seemingly have the overlap golf varies. A typical solidity of about 1 snow leopard/100 sq km (about 3/100 sq mi) over huge areas of environment seems to be common.

By 1970 the snow leopard had already become unusual due to tracking for fur and as a award, persecution as a issues predator, and loss of food. Currently, it has a fragmented submission, made up of a mix of lengthy filter hill techniques and destinations of hostile environment existing throughout a wide area around the Middle Oriental deserts and leveling off.

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