Wetlands in Pakistan

The geographical Information System (GIS) database of Pakistan has documented 225 essential wetland locations in the country. Nineteen among these are acknowledged worldwide and documented by the Ramsar Convention Bureau. Natural fresh wetlands and oceanic wetlands of Pakistan sustain a distinctive grouping of biodiversity. It is reported by the Pakistan wetland program that wetlands of Pakistan are home to about 150 million native inhabitants and around 5 million citizens that moved here from neighboring countries. Wetlands aid in preserving the natural ecology by sustaining a big concentration of aquatic wildlife, mammals, native and migratory bird species, permanent resident amphibians, reptiles and additional species of insects etc. in addition, they are also essential accumulation of fauna and water reservoir.

Wetland Category Area in square km
Inland waters 78,000 km2
Delta marshes 3,000 km2
Mangroves 2,750 km2 Approx.
Lakes and reservoirs 4,720 km2
Fish farms and ponds 3,340 km2
Total Area 91,810 km2 Approx.

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