Game Reserves in Pakistan

Game reserves are huge terrains where wildlife survives securely unless temporary hunting permissions are granted in a controlled way for sport. A lot of locations of the country have been marked as game reserves. Most are unrestricted for public and visitors where they can frequently catch sightseeing safaris. In a game reserve network, the habitat is protected by law and conservation is typically the goal of the administration. Native wildlife in its natural ecosystem facilitates in providing an atmosphere where augmentation in numbers at a natural tempo can take place. Several game reserves hold multiple ecosystems, occasionally upto five. This may include valleys, savannahs, lowlands, wet forest and acacia woodland. This offers a spectacular enhancement on the variety of wildlife that is there.

Province / Region Game Reserves in Pakistan
Balochistan 06
Kashmir 08
Gilgit-Baldistan 09
Sindh 13
Punjab 19
Federal 01
Total Game Reserves 83
  • Qazinag Game reserve
  • Note: The marked area of the game reserve is approximate and not verified. Qazi Nag was designated a status of Game Reserve in 1982 because of the habitat and the abundance of wildlife. Mr. chaudhry Mohammad Razzaq, director AJK Wildlife Department, announced in Aug 2015 that Qazi Nag Game Reserve in
  • PuritGol - Chitral ChinarGol Game Reserve
  • Note: The marked area of the PuritGol game reserve is approximate and not verified. Location and Habitat: PuritGol game reserve occupies an approximate area of 65 sq. km in the district Chitral. The landscape is dominated by the Purit Gol nala of Chinar. PuritGol habitat is a composition of alpine

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