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Pakistan is home to a notable number of birds species. These vary from resident birds which stay all time around to breeding birds that spend a good fraction of their life in Pakistan to raise their young. Migratory birds also pass through Pakistan with the changing seasons as wintering birds who like to spend a good part of the winter in Pakistan to escape chilly winters of the north. Many species of birds are comparatively common part of the state ecosystem and it is always an adventure to come across a rare bird or outsiders, which does not really form part of any the local ecosystems. These are usually the lost passengers or the displaced by bad weather. From waterfowl to wading birds of the birds of Pakistan one finds a large set of song birds, raptors, swifts, game birds and nighthawks. Many of which occupy several ecosystems simultaneously, flying over the forests, meadows, shorelines of waters, cities and urban green spaces.

  • Hawks, kites, eagles
  • A common question asked is how you differentiate between Hawks, kites, eagles and Vultures. Well, it's hard to do so by just having a sight of one unless you have good enough knowledge but it can be guessed based upon their size, they all belong to the same family of
  • Vultures
  • There are more than 10 species of vultures that are found in Pakistan. Species of vultures are facing catastrophic decline mainly because of a drug named Diclofenac. Most of this turn down is observed in the numbers of vultures in South Asia making them critically endangered spices. In 2004, WWF Pakistan
  • Crab-plover
  • The Crab-plover or Crab Plover (Dromas ardeola) is a chicken relevant to the waders, but completely exclusive to advantage its own household Dromadidae. Its connection within the Charadriiformes is not yet determined, some have regarded it to be carefully relevant to the thick-knees, or the pratincoles, while others have regarded
  • Rain Quail
  • The Water Quail does not have unless on primaries. The men has a dark-colored breast-patch and unique head design of non colored documents. The women is difficult to individual from women Typical Quail and Western Quail, although the destinations on the breasts are more gentle. The contact is a metal

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