PuritGol – Chitral ChinarGol Game Reserve

Note: The marked area of the PuritGol game reserve is approximate and not verified.

Location and Habitat:
PuritGol game reserve occupies an approximate area of 65 sq. km in the district Chitral. The landscape is dominated by the Purit Gol nala of Chinar. PuritGol habitat is a composition of alpine meadows and temperate pine forests. This valley was identified as a game reserve in 1979. This game reserve can be accessed from Shishi valley road which is the area where the adjacent Sishi River flows and later joins the Chitral River. The adjacent valley Drosh Gol has also been identified as a 20 sq. km game reserve.

>>Enough information about the fauna is not available however, the presence of the elusive cat of the north, the Snow Leopard, has been confirmed by the snow leopard organization. This is a very productive news as this endangered species is near extinction in our country, only 200 individuals are known to roam in the northern areas of Pakistan. Even though, they are protected by every law in Pakistan, yet they are thriving because of lack of prey (Markhor is one of their main food source which is declining because of illegal hunting and loss of habitat) and illegal poaching for fur and medicines etc. The other predatory cat in the area is the leopard cat which is discussed in detail in the biodiversity section.

>>A good number of Flare horned Markhors(Capra falconeri) roam these half barren partially snow covered peaks. Once, Marco Polo sheeps roamed this habitat but now they are extinct in the region (Unconfirmed report). Other major protected species of the reserve is the, Chukar Partridge, the national bird of Pakistan that is an explicitly Red legged partridge in the family Phasianidaethe of pheasants. Another notable species which is also present in some other reserves of the north is the Himalayan Snow Cock from the genus Tetraogalus of the pheasant family. Another bird species, Chukor which is locally known as Ram Chakor, this specie is larger in size from the Chukar paritage.