Conservation of Himalayan Musk Deer

The population of Musk deer is under the constant threat because of the illegal killing for musk pod collection in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Loss of habitat, livestock grazing, woods cutting and other indefensible practices in potential habitat of musk deer are supplementary factors which result in decline of population of this wild ungulate.

The project aims to conduct research studies to collect data on the population and habitat status of musk deer in Salkhla Game Reserve and neighboring forest. For this purpose thorough survey and population estimation techniques will be used to estimate the population of musk deer in the study area. Secondary information will be collected from local knowledgeable persons through opinion poll which will be helpful to access the trend in population and threats to musk deer in the area.

Workshops will be conducted for the community living around study area in the villages for conservation awareness. Local community organizations will participate and NGOs like EHED (Environment Health and Energy for Development) will provide technical support during the workshops. As a part of awareness campaign poster and brusher will be developed and distributed among community and schools to highlight the importance of musk deer and its habitat.

Conservation awareness campaign will be undertaken in the schools of the project area. Students will be educated about the importance and conservation of wildlife and its habitat. Audio-visual material will be played in the schools and public places to develop the interest of students and general public in wildlife conservation and sustainable use. Art and essay writing competition will be conducted between the students.

A workshop will be arranged towards the end of project to develop participatory action plan for musk deer conservation. Participants would include representatives of local community and community organizations, local NGOs and officials of wildlife department. Winner students of art and essay competition will also be invited to participate in this activity to enhance their interest in musk deer conservation.

The community component of the project work will emphasize the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources especially the endangered species of flora and fauna in the study area.


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