Haleji Wildlife Sanctuary

Lake Haleji, in Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan is a refuge in winters and home of thousands of birds and known as one of the most important winter areas of migratory waterfowl in Eurasia. It is located at 240 48 N and 600 47’E, and is within easy motoring distance, 88 Km, of Karachi. A sanctuary for birds and an outdoor attraction for humans. Haleji, a salt-water lake was formed by seasonal water, collecting in a depression. For additional water needed for troops stationed at Karachi, during world war II, salt water was drained out and an embankment was constructed around the lake which was fed by fresh water through a canal. Resultantly, Haleji became one of the major sources of water supply to the increasing population of Karachi as well as an exquisite refuge for waterfowl.


Haleji lake and its lagoons together with Hudero pond at a browsing range, which in turn whispers to the keenjhar pond, varieties a very large complicated of waterfowl environment. This complicated is now house to plusieurs, dabblers, exterior and deep-water birdfeeders and refreshing and brackish water fans. All these find this unusual sodium and water mix a exciting place for their emotions and specifications. It is also suitable for visitor wildlife that come here from chillier components.


Complete world of Haleji is about 12 kilometers. The main water tank protects an area of 6.58 Sq. kilometers and the highest possible level being 17 toes. Sketchy plants encompass it. Phragmites, Typha, Hydrilla and Lotus protect components of the river in swaying areas of colors.


The bumpy out plants which jut out of the river at various details are house of a number of migratory and homeowner waterfowl. One of them is known as Pelican Region and the other as Cormorant Region. On both these destinations, thousands of these wildlife can be seen relaxing and experiencing the sun. Night time is the best time for them, for then they all come house. There are marsh crocodiles too.


Haleji is a bird watcher’s paradise. As many as 223 bird species have been recorded in the environs of Haleji lake. For instance, osprey, Pallas’s fish eagle, Buzzards, Harriers, falcons, Wigeon, coot, shoveller, pintail, Teals, Mallard, heron, Jacana, flamingos and some times Bewick’s swan, all form a marvellous sight for a bird watcher.

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