Mass hunting of Markhor, its our National Animal!

Being Quoted as it was published in the Newspaper Letters section by Mr. Farhan Suleman from Lasbella,

“I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards the mass hunting of wildlife at Goth Ismail Shikari Kharkhacho tehsil, Bela district, Lasbella, Balochistan. About 10,000 wild goats (markhor) and sheep are present in this area and people are free to hunt. Wildlife is decreasing day by day, diminishing and damaging the beauty of this area of Balochistan. Locals lodged a complained with former district Nazim but no action was taken. Instead they were scolded on raising this issue. I would request the authorities to impose restriction and heavy penalty on hunting markhor to preserve the beauty of the area.”

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