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Meet the Beautiful Kashmir Mountain Weasel

Meet the playful Kashmir Mountain Weasel! This species is native to Pakistan but mature individuals continue to decline in numbers. Weasel occurs only in exterior closed jungle habitats, characteristically in alpine meadows, boulders area, and rocky slopes. This species is vulnerable because of the continuing habitat conversion across most of its home range. These things seem to be going out of control with climate changes. Most critically, there are actions in the population control of their main prey Pika, which is a small plant eater mammal.

Wild Fowls of Borith - Borith Lake, Gojal Hunza, KKH

Borith lake becomes home to hundreds of migrating wild Fowls of divergent species in various sessions of the year. These birds migrate from Siberia in Russia, Northern China and other parts of central Asia towards there winter grounds in Southern Pakistan.

Silent Roar - Searching for the Wild Snow Leopard

This is the story of two remarkable men wo set out to film out a wild snow leapard! It took the 4 long years to achieve their goal! Episode aired 16 January 2005

Deosai, the last Sanctuary

Deosai –- The Last Sanctuary', Like ( Heaven on Earth ) a film on the endangered Himalayan Brown Bears, living in the Deosai Plateau premiered on April 24, at the Pakistan Council of the Arts in Islamabad. The Give Back Project works to improve the impact of nature and wildlife conservation by engaging with and educating young people, local communities and the wider public through the medium of film.

A Lion Called Christian

A heartbreaking story about a lion who was raised by humans, by the friends John Rendall and Ace Bourke. This lion got too big for them, so they put him in the wilderness. One year later they decided to visit him in Africa where he was put. Scientists said that lions would never remember their human parents after such time separated. Something that this film contradicts. It was a reunion that you will never forget.

BBC Planet Earth Series Beyond the Myth - Snow Leopard of Pakistan

In 2004, a team from the Planet Earth series captured the first ever film of a wild snow leopard in the mountains of Pakistan. For Nisar Malik, who led the expedition, these images sparked a passion that compelled him to return. With cameraman Mark Smith, he spent two years documenting the snow leopard's daily life, finally lifting the veil on the most elusive of all cats. Hidden away in a cave in the mountains of Pakistan one of the last refuges of the snow leopard the most rare and most beautiful of all big cats. Journalist Nisar Malik trying to help protect this endangered cat. The film takes the viewer into a mysterious, uncharted part of the world. This documentary was aired in 2007.