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Hub Dam Wildlife Sanctuary

Hub Dam is Pakistan’s third biggest dam. This dam is located in the northern of Karachi around the Kirthar Nationwide Playground. A huge water storage area tank designed almost 30 years ago on the Hub Stream, in a area of dry flatlands and low stony mountains. Much of the banks is considerably racks and stony, but there are many short coves and small destinations. Vast majority of the tank (in Balochistan) is unprotected; the southern coast and place southern region of the Dam (in Sindh) are secured in the Kirthar Nationwide Playground and Hub Dam Creatures Haven., respectively. The stream established by the dam protects an place of 32 rectangle kilometers and is an suitable place for pets. There is a lot of waterfowl in the pond,both homeowner and migratory. The nearby mountains are the home of Urial, Sind outrageous goat, Chinkara gazelle, Hair, Jackal, Typical fox, Pangolin and several other wildlife and animals.

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