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Conservation Projects

Numerous local and global organizations are working for the conservation of endangered and vulnerable wildlife species in Pakistan. Several projects have been completed successfully and dozens of them are in progress. National parks, game reserves, sanctuaries, wetlands and breeding centers are a part of this effort. Following is a list of major projects in the field of conservation in Pakistan.

References: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Conservation Education, Awareness on Usefulness of Bats

Conservation Education, Awareness on Usefulness of Bats Accordind to the 2002 South Asian Bat CAMP assessment report, Pakistan is also the home to five bats species that are globally near threatened and two vulnerable bat species. The proposed project is supposed to help to bring up to date our knowledge about the bat fauna present in Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad. It is also the primary initiative to construct a sense of bat conservation among the park staff and locals residing wit [...]

Conservation of Himalayan Musk Deer

Conservation of Himalayan Musk Deer The population of Musk deer is under the constant threat because of the illegal killing for musk pod collection in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Loss of habitat, livestock grazing, woods cutting and other indefensible practices in potential habitat of musk deer are supplementary factors which result in decline of population of this wild ungulate. The project aims to conduct research studies to collect data on the population and habitat statu [...]

Conservation of the Indus River Dolphin

Conservation of the Indus River Dolphin The Indus River Dolphin is now a critically endangered species, only found in the Indus River with a population approximation of only 1,300 thus facing serious threats. A reduction in the water level is conceivably the most obvious of all threats faced by this species. Building of dams and barrages, intensive agricultural practices, insufficient water management, municipal sewage, illegal and harmful fishing practices and mortalities in the f [...]

Preserving Pakistan's National Parks

Preserving Pakistan's National Parks The main incentives of the following project are to conserve the globally significant habitat and its species, sort out conflicts between people and park, improve park management planning and park operations. Moreover, increase the neighboring community's participation in protected area organization. To conserve Pakistan’s inimitable habitats and wildlife, WWF and its associates are working with local establishment in a number of pr [...]

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