On a mission, conservation of wildlife and landscapes!

Conservation of Wildlife

Conservation measures are being taken by various organizations in Pakistan. There are various wildlife parks, wetlands, sanctuaries and game reserves. One of the most vital elements in the continuation of the ecosystem is wildlife and it has thrown in a major deal to the survival and maturity of early mankind. It is still valuable to us. As a part of economic growth and utilization of natural resources men must realize that natural wealth in any biological system are limited and can be depleted hastily without care. Wildlife population needs to be regulated through natural checks and balances. With the improvement and maturity in human being’s hunting abilities, they eventually became a formidable predator and have been responsible for the extinction of many wild animals. Administration of wildlife on scientific basis is now required because of all these factors in order to save wildlife and also make them beneficial to mankind. This payback will be both visual and economic. Summing it all, major efforts are being made to conserve the lasting wildlife and put off its further diminution.

References: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Conservation Organizations

Conservation Organizations A number of non government organizations are serving the cause of conservation. WWF Pakistan, The Snow Leopard Trust, Himalayan Wildlife Foundation, Pakistan Game Fish Association, Pakistan Wildlife Foundation, Bioresource Research Center, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), WSPA Pakistan and the World Conservation Society- Pakistan. They aim to to conserve the ecosystem and the natural habitats by preserving their diversity, [...]

Conservation Projects

Conservation Projects Numerous local and global organizations are working for the conservation of endangered and vulnerable wildlife species in Pakistan. Several projects have been completed successfully and dozens of them are in progress. National parks, game reserves, sanctuaries, wetlands and breeding centers are a part of this effort. Following is a list of major projects in the field of conservation in Pakistan. [...]

Game Reserves in Pakistan

Game Reserves in Pakistan Game reserves are huge terrains where wildlife survives securely unless temporary hunting permissions are granted in a controlled way for sport. A lot of locations of the country have been marked as game reserves. Most are unrestricted for public and visitors where they can frequently catch sightseeing safaris. In a game reserve network, the habitat is protected by law and conservation is typically the goal of the administration. Native wildlife [...]

Wetlands in Pakistan

Wetlands in Pakistan The geographical Information System (GIS) database of Pakistan has documented 225 essential wetland locations in the country. Nineteen among these are acknowledged worldwide and documented by the Ramsar Convention Bureau. Natural fresh wetlands and oceanic wetlands of Pakistan sustain a distinctive grouping of biodiversity. It is reported by the Pakistan wetland program that wetlands of Pakistan are home to about 150 million native inhabitant [...]

Wildlife Parks in Pakistan

Wildlife Parks in Pakistan A total of 29 conserved areas in Pakistan have been designated as national parks. Seven of them are in private conservation while the other ones are managed by provincial administrations. A few of them lie under the conservation act of IUCN whose laws on conservation of the ecosystems were introduced in the Pakistan’s constitution of 1973. To bring in the consciousness about the importance of National Parks in conservation of biodiversity, anot [...]

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife Sanctuaries Wildlife Sanctuaries are locations and sites that situated aside for the conservation and safeguard of wildlife. Public right of entry is forbidden or regulated and no exploitation of jungle is allowed. These sanctuaries are also referred to as flora and fauna refuges in a number of places. Typically, a wildlife sanctuary is created through a government directive which sets some room aside for the use of animal protection, and rangers or other government workforce may patrol the region to make certain that no one hunts or otherwise be a nuisance to the animals. [...]

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