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Asian King Vulture

IUCN Status Globally: Critically Endangered (CR) – Extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

Family: Accipitridae of Old World Vultures

Red headed VultureThey are generally known as Red headed Vulture and they are scavenger by personality as most of the other vulture species and widespread in South Asia. The number of this species has fundamentally halved every other year since the late 1990s, and what on one occasion was a abundant species numbering in the hundreds of thousands has drawn dangerously close to extermination in fewer than two decades.

These birds have been confirmed ‘critically endangered’ by IUCN. One of the main causes on their numbers being reduced in the recent years was the extensive use of NSAID Diclofenac, a veterinary anesthetic and painkiller mdicine, for treating farm animals. Vultures that fed on the remains of animals treated with this medicine happened to prone to renal malfunction and lost their lives.

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