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Litter Frogs

Litter Frogs Megophryids is the largest and most diversified family of Old World frogs. These frogs range from Pakistan, India, extending eastward into southeast Asia, Borneo and the Philippines to the Sunda Islands. They range in size from about 20 to 125 mm. Some are large, cryptic, forest-floor dwellers with adaptations to eat large prey. Their skin is modified so that they resemble dead leaves on the forest floor. Some species have spines on the eyeli [...]


Narrow-mouthed Family: Microhylidae, Narrow-mouthed Frogs view all from this family. Description: Brown-gray/green with black/white spotting. Pointed snout, fold of skin on back of head. Mottled belly, dark throat on males. Dimensions: 2.2-3.8cm. (7/8-1 1/2") Voice: Similar to the bleat of sheep. Breeding: April-October. Rainfall is the start. Eggs attached [...]

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