Deosai National Park

Deosai, the second highest plateau of the world can be accessed through Astore or Skardu. Deosai was designated as a National Park in 1993 with purpose to conserve the critically endangered Himalayan Brown Bears and their natural habitat. The landscape remains covered in snow 8 months of the year but even in the extreme wilderness there is life here. It is thought that there were 10,000 Himalayan Brown Bears in Northern Pakistan but today the species is the most threatened in the region because of hunting for traditional medicines and most importantly habitat degradation. In a survey conducted by Himalayan Wildlife Foundation in 1993, the population of bears in Deosai region had drastically dropped to only seventeen. But critical measures and immediate conservation actions lead to a small but a satisfying raise in their numbers and 43 individuals were reported in 2007. These timid creatures avoid human settlements and fortunately had found a sanctuary, Deosai National Park. Deosai has been divided in to zones and an area of 1400 sq. km has been declared as a core zone for bears where their population is the most. The colors in the summer meadows of deosai doom with flowers from over 300 species of plants. The musical sounds of the winds are dominated by water streams 200 species of birds. Deosai is also home to 18 mammal species; the striking of them all is the Himalayan Brown Bear.